The Best in  Haunt & Horror October September
2018 Haunting          Hours
Fri-Sat   7pm-11pm 2018 Admission Combo Pass Parking  $13 $20   Free **Parking is Cash only**
Fri-Sat   7pm-11pm
Driving Directions 3718 Plyler Mill Rd, Monroe, NC
We had the 13th Acre / Awshucks combo pass and had the single most fun family night of the 2017 haunt season! The haunt it’s self is full of detail and surprises. You can tell the characters take a lot of pride in what they do. For those in the group that may not fully appreciate the haunted side of life, the Awshucks combo pass provides an experience everyone will enjoy. My oldest daughter went through the haunt with me while her mom and sister started the awshucks experience. We were then all able to then enjoy the corn maze in the dark, even without actors this has an element of fear you must experience!    
Father Fear