FearCarolina.com Fear is forever
 I have been asked my opinion on who has the Carolinas best haunt probably close to a thousand times since I started this site.  My answer up to this point has been simply I cant answer that and the reasons are too numerous to explain in a  short conversation.  With all that being said, heres to giving it a shot and I will say where the best haunts are.   This topic is as hotly debated as burgers ,BBQ, and religion, everyone who has one truly believes theirs is the best and to a certain degree on the right night they are all correct. Thousands, sometimes Millions of dollars are spent on scenes that can sometimes take years to build. The finest props, actors and costumes the budget can afford all at the judging mercy of the general public. The only way to compare skulls to skulls in the haunt world would be to visit every haunt in one night which is impossible.  what defines best anyway? What is terrifying for one isn’t for others. From snakes to clowns with spiders and skulls in between, your local haunt has something to make your skin crawl and your mind race. Its that escape from the horrors of the real world you are looking for anyway isn’t it? Let your mind wonder as you walk dark halls and forbidden paths into the unknown and you hear the screams of victims in front of you that may have already met their frighting demise.  Now I know you still want to know who has the best haunt and im getting to that. With all things considered, and dozens of haunts visited. I have to say the best Haunts are in the Carolinas!