Our Haunt Districts bring your closest fears closer, as well as fears yet discovered found. The Fear Carolina Haunt district five features Fears Favorite Haunted Attractions from the Sandhills / Low country regions in South Carolina. Fears top two favorite haunted attractions in district 5 are located only about 3 miles from one another and each provide a unique experience putting their own touch on Fear each haunt season. Kreepy Hollow in Bishopville South Carolina as well as Scream Acres, also in Bishopville South Carolina both are located in the most infamous swamp in the Carolina’s The Scape Ore swamp. It wasn’t that long ago local pets went missing, property was damaged and a teenager coming off of a late night fast food shift had an encounter with a creature that has been accurately named the Lizard man. While the thought of an unknown creature lurking in the same darkness you will be descending into is more than enough by it’s self to visit the haunts in the area a day trip to Camden SC should be an experience anyone who enjoys the supernatural should have. This place has history you can feel with some buildings dating back to pre-revolutionary times. Are the feelings real? Well, that’s for you to decide but you better do it quick you will need your courage as darkness falls. The air gets a little crisper as the nighttime becomes the right time for all that scares ya! Both haunted attractions in District 5 are great choices for finding what you fear! Below you will find a small sample of why each haunt featured here is one of Fears Favorite haunted attractions but don’t just take our word for it. Some things you just have to find out for yourself. Before you visit you must know this, the haunted attractions of the Fear Carolina Haunt District 5 may have an effect on you. When you awake screaming from your new nightmares, don’t say we didn’t warn you!
Kreepy Hollow Haunted Attraction is located in just outside of Bishopville SC in the legendary Scape Ore swamp of Lee county SC. This great South Carolina haunt features what could easily be the biggest  Haunted House in South Carolina at over 7,500sf!  In fact haunted house does not do this attraction justice, its much more like a haunted manor with the front yard being  the most realistic grave yard scene in the Carolina’s! Surviving the haunted house at Kreepy Hollow gives you the opportunity to take on an almost 2 mile hayride that is a terrifying mix of theatrical and interactive. One thing that stands out with the  haunted hayride here is how characters get so close to you from all angles in a lot of of the sets.  While both the haunted house and haunted hayride at Kreepy Hollow can both hold their own as stand  alone attractions, its the Haunted Bus ride that stands out the most!  Kreepy Hollow is without a doubt  the king haunt of the haunted bus rides. One of the best ways to start a night of fright is with high intensity, something that takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you feel just a little uncomfortable. The  haunted bus ride at Kreepy Hollow does just that as you  take the wildest ride to fear town there is in the  Carolina’s.  This is one of the most unique attractions of  the haunt season and you have your choice of  experiences between a legends of Horror experience or a surprise experience. It’s always a hard choice, but a bus ride with freddy is pretty hard to pass up! As you step off the bus it is hard not to be mesmerized     by what is one of our favorite sights of the season. That huge haunted house at the back of the graveyard! Haunted Hayride Haunted House Haunted Bus Ride ATTRACTIONS Featured 2024 Season Information Coming SOON!!!! More Get  There Click Here! VISIT  WEBSITE FOR  The MORE DETAILS! Haunted Hayride Haunted House Haunted Trail ATTRACTIONS Featured Season Information Coming SOON!!!! More 2024 Scream Acres Haunted Attraction is a South Carolina Haunt  located in Bishopville SC.  Scream Acres  Features a Haunted House that more than one staff member over the years has had what we’ll call unusual experiences, on more than one occasion  patrons have paid compliment on a character only they could see.   The structure it’s self is well over 200 years old and not all history is good history!  No one knows for sure  who or what has been seen here, Maybe you will be the next to get more than you paid for on your next visit!  As alluring as that sounds the Haunted House isn’t even the star attraction at Scream Acres. That designation has to go to their Haunted Hayride that is around 2 miles in length.  The scenes vary in  intensity and the more interactive your fellow riders are with the actors, the better the experience gets.  Scream Acres was one of the first haunted hayrides in the Carolina’s to incorporate a haunted trail and the  experience has only gotten better each season since. Over the last two seasons Scream Acres has added and updated several scenes to the hayride that have elevated the haunt. But, it’s what they have added to the haunted trail portion that we have been most excited about.  No Spoilers here but it starts off  dark and  isolated. Any feeling of being alone quickly disappears as you realize there are things in the swamp that you cant see but  it’s very apparent they can see you! You will smile, you will fear, you will Scream at  Scream Acres in 2024! Get  There Click Here! VISIT  WEBSITE FOR  The MORE DETAILS!