Fear File # 0012017 09-23-17 Father Fear & The Scare squad As a seasoned official of haunt and horror, i felt I knew what I was getting myself into by going to a haunt on opening night. I was wrong.  We have made several trips to LHH  over the last few years, and never been  disappointed. but this year, upon arrival after our 120+mile journey something felt  different. The temperature was perfect but the air felt more intense. It almost  seemed as if fear was wafting over the water and through the trees. the short  walk from the parking area to the Midway of mayhem is almost breath taking as  you grab your first glimpse of all the Horrors awaiting you. From the Midway to  the last scene of the night, the cast of creatures were very involved with their  victims as well as their surroundings. The Nightmare factory certainly lives up to  its name, if you fear it, it’s here! Twists and turns through every scene leave you  going in one direction, but not being quite sure where to focus your attention. This  places victims right where the horror facilitators want them. Vulnerable and  disoriented. There is no safe space. As you find yourself about halfway through, you  realize where the intense feeling from earlier was coming from, it was originating from within the walls of the haunt. A slight sense of panic may set in as you  realize the amount of fear that is being directed towards you, and you still have a Junk Yard, a slaughter house and a twisted big top circus to survive. The upgrade of a VIP pass is certainly worth your consideration because it includes not only almost immediate access to a haunt that is no doubt one of the best in the Carolinas, but  also the opportunity to play an escape room game on the midway as well as a Lake  Hickory Haunts t-Shirt! This is one of the best values of the Carolina Haunt scene  this season!         Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 25/25 25/25 25/25 25/25 100/100 Opening NIGHT Investigators Date Experience
The Fear Files
2017 Haunt Season
Fear File # 0022017 Father Fear & The Scare squad  All the way back to the early 2000’s Aw shucks farm Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 23/25 23/25 23/25 25/25 94/100 AW Shucks Investigators Date Experience has been terrorizing the unsuspecting patrons of Fear,  2016 was our first trip  back out to the Farm since it relocated to Plyler Mill rd in Monroe NC. While we had a great time last year, it wasn’t quite the same level of fear felt in years prior. In 2017 the 13th Acre returned to it’s more sinister ways.  The makeup was much improved and the amount of original characters was a welcomed sight to fear. two of the biggest scares of the evening for me came from a Voo doo witch, who  has now gotten me good two years in a row and the Sewer scene, well done with a  genuine creep factor that makes you almost forget you’re in a haunt.  BEEP, BEEP, Ritchie! There was also a “Dog” on the loose that can bend in ways no breathing  being should be able to. We had the Aw shucks combo passes that also offer you entry to the rest of the farm as well as the haunt.  Think your tough? Nothing  Scares you?  Well, try the Corn maze out there!  TRUE fear and a little panic can set in, as you try to make your way out of the corn, unguided with no knowledge of what awaits around the corner. Although there are no actors or props in this maze  the Fear is fun and the scares are real. Dark? Check……. claustrophobic? Check……. there is a certain sense of panic as you realize you’re really lost and did I mention  it was really dark?  Our Group ranged in age from 10 to 37 and everyone had a  great time all night. When you throw in a massive slide, some human foosball,  a  trip around the lake in the paddle boats and some time to unwind between scares  makes this a true family even that everyone young and old can enjoy.               09-29-17 Fear File # 0032017 Father Fear & The Scare squad We arrived to the Haunt as Darkness fell upon the  Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 25/25 23/25 24/25 25/25 97/100 Darkness upon the Hillside Investigators Date Experience 09-30-17 Hillside. Having spent all day in this beautiful area, we could sense something more sinister awaited as we passed through the gates of a real cemetery to park our car. An Eerie hearse topped the road and crept by in a way in which  would make  the  infamous killer pee wee gaskins proud. Out of nowhere, a wagon suddenly pulls up,  loads victims on, and off into the darkness of night and mountain you go. Each  revolution of the wheel takes you lower in elevation and even further into the  unknown, which is a strange feeling when you know you have been at the location  before. As you leave civilization behind, close to the haunts entrance you hear the sounds of screaming and a little of what is causing their fright. This is one of the Darker haunts we visit, the Darkness starts almost immediately and this heightens  your awareness to your surroundings. Although, there is nothing you can do to calm  your nerves. The creatures of the haunt knew who they were and they stayed in  character which is important. a play on human empathy and the urge to help others is presented heavily at the start of one scene. No spoilers here, but I thought about that scene for the rest of the night! The corn at Hillside Horror is something of  Sci-fi, even the biggest, baddest among the living will feel some level of  intimidation amongst it’s silks. The atmosphere down in the holler is 100% creepy, and thats without its creatures. Every visit I get so caught up in the sights and  sounds that I open myself up for tons of startle scares.  Some of those scares came  from children, which was creepy and cool at the same time. As a father of kids who  enjoy scaring others themselves I feel good about the future of haunting! Bring  your boots because you’re in for a hike. If you make it past Belladonna, survive  Piggy and the corn, and can solve a riddle you begin to wind your way back to safety. There is no truer scene in haunting anywhere than the signal to safety you will find out there. This haunt has a terrorizing ,refreshing charm that takes you back to a  simpler time, Where the only thing you had to Fear was the unknown, and Hillside  provides plenty of that! Fear File # 0042017 Father Fear & The Scare squad Many haunt enthusiasts above the age of 35 had their   Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 25/25 25/25 25/25 25/25 100/100 Scaring is Caring Investigators Date Experience 10-7-17 first haunting experience at a local Jaycee chapter’s haunt. Many of these great haunted attractions no longer run due to overreaching ordinances that make  running a non profit haunt almost impossible.  But, The Cayce Jaycees are no  ordinary chapter, they run the oldest haunt in south Carolina. As season number 37  loomed upon The Hall of Horrors. The cast and crew knew they needed to really  bring it in 2017, as they work tirelessly to raise funds to send disabled children and  adults to camp hope. And, bring it they did! Upon arrival, we were notified a  zombie Apocalypse was currently taking place. Several other patrons were already taking their chance at saving the Dr, finding the antidote, and saving the world. all  while an army of the undead are fighting to make you one of their own. screams  rang out and shortly there after, staff escorted out the poor infected souls whom  now seemed to be a mere shell of their former selves. Our time was now at hand.  An elaborate storyline that flows perfectly kept us at attention. Props were well  placed and kept us distracted as the Zombies literally came at us from all angles  in this new foreign world.  While we made it out alive, I can’t say we were  still completely whole. Expect the unexpected, this is the only way your team  will survive. With our adrenaline now pumping we realize we still have the main  haunt to go through.  Luckily for our nerves, there was a complementary Midway  set up complete with free drinks and popcorn.  We really enjoyed playing some of the many free games and even got to watch part of a great horror flick on the big  screen! After our composure was regained we could then brave the main haunt.  The sets are built on a scale to which make you feel like you really are somewhere else Each room was different with the commonality of your worst nightmares. This  haunt has the first forest scene to ever make me feel like I was actually outdoors! You can really tell every creature takes pride in terrifying their victims. Each was  always on cue and scares were placed everywhere they should be. Hall of Horrors absolutely makes the most of their space and at a $10 starting point on tickets it is impossible to find a better form of entertainment for the money! These are people  helping others and you cant beat that! Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 24/25 25/25 25/25 25/25 99/100 Father Fear & The Scare squad  We visited deceased farm with the knowledge that it has       Return to the Deceased Investigators Date Experience 10-7-17 been a top rated haunt in the Carolinas for a number of years now.  We had no  idea how much more horror they would add in 2017! From the moment you step out of your car, screams can be heard. some of excitement others of pure terror.  Our visit down on the farm started in one of the best 3d effect mazes in the nation1 the  attention to detail to start things off, sets the tone for the rest of the haunt.  From the moment you step into their portal of the unknown the intensity never  decreases. There is no place once you begin that says “ we’re finally in the clear.”  every theme you would expect to find in a haunt is here and some you wouldn’t! You know a haunt is doing the right things when they can warn you of a scare and still just about make you need a new pair of underwear, WATCH OUT FOR THE DOGS!  A perfect blend of animatronics and live creatures gives both more power to deliver  scares at just the right time.  The corn maze here is not roped off, providing the  creatures much more freedom to stalk their victims. While I have seen some great “famous monster” scenes over the years at various haunts, I love the fact that we  didn’t see any of those guys here. Every Character seemed to be designed in house   this gives the haunt a much more authentic feel, and a better ability to have a  different show with each visit.  A trip to Deceased farm isn’t your normal horror  show, it is much better described as a horror experience. just about every area of  this place has something that affects every one of your five senses just enough to  keep your adrenaline running at a maximum. Although none of the creatures will  touch you, it will get physical!  Having some of the best designed sets with tons of  detail. along with some of the best staff all the way around has cemented  Deceased farm as a top rated haunt not only in South Carolina but across the  Carolinas combined!                               Fear File # 0052017 Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 23/25 24/25 24/25 25/25 96/100 Father Fear & The Scare squad Investigators Date Experience 10-13-17 respect, Kreepy Hollow  in Bishopville, South Carolina made the most of the  occurrence and brought it bigger than anyone else in the state. This haunt is  always a great time. When you add in a chance to meet with a legend of Horror  films, you have an opportunity that can’t be passed up unless of course, you’re passed away. One thing I  have always liked about out trips to Kreepy Hollow, is their  opening, a Haunted Bus ride.  The fact  I get to choose my bus’s theme gives me the  feeling I have chosen my own final destination. as I board the bus the lights go  dark, the music blares and the bus speeds off into the darkness, I can’t help but  wonder what I have gotten myself into. Nobody does the bus rides like kreepy  hollow, you’ll certainly never look at a school bus the same way again!!!! The Cemetery’s mourners seemed almost possessed by the spirits of their dearly departed loved ones giving you a sense of fear and solemness as you pass through. The haunted house it’s self is one of the only two story haunts in the Carolina’s. its appearance at the back of the cemetery confirms there are dead inside. Once making it through  the indoor swamp. We thought we had found safety only to see Leatherface Himself, R. A. Mahailoff waiting for us.  After a short break in the action and some very  gracious Autographs. We were ready to take on the hayride. It seems as if you ride  for miles through the towering pines pulling up to scenes that are for the most part, movie quality. the zombie scene really makes you feel like you’re on set, or  the world has come to an end since you arrived at the haunt. The slaughterhouse scene really made me want to ‘hang’ around for more as the evening was nearing  completion. High energy and a scene where you could even come face to face with  the devil makes this a yearly favorite!                                              Fear File # 0062017 Face to Leatherface  Any Friday the 13th in October has to be given it’s due Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 25/25 25/25 25/25 25/25 100/100 Father Fear & The Scare squad  Kersey valley spookywoods is the first haunt in the         Investigators Date Experience 10-14-17 Fear File # 0092017 Spooky Good Carolinas that I saw on national TV.  I knew from that moment on I would be a big fan of this place. 2017 Marked year 31 for the crew at  spookywoods. From some of the highest tech props available to simple  old fashion stage prop scares. the crew does a great job of not only  accomplishing the goal of getting a scare but also blending everything together for an awesome show. A Midway isn’t really a good description  for the common area at spookywoods, it is more of a well populated,  modern amenity, western ghost town. Creatures of the night were  constantly on the prowl and were ready to scare the screams out of  who so ever foolish enough to let their guard down.  For the amount  of victims going through spookywoods it amazed me that we never ran  into another group until we made it to the next section of the  attraction. Every set was greatly detailed and the characters there in  were all appropriately themed to their areas. Fair warning If you go  in late October there will be lines and they will be massive. But,  you will find this haunted attraction worth the wait. In the day time Kersey Valley also has Zip lines and a non haunted corn maze along  with several other family and team building attractions,  Not to forget their laser tag which also provides thrills going year round! You can’t call yourself a horror fan without making a trip to Spookywoods! Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 25/25 25/25 25/25 25/25 100/100 Father Fear & The Scare squad Woods of Terror isn’t a haunted house, its not a haunted              Woods of living Terror Investigators Date Experience 10-14-17 trail, or hayride. It is a full on Haunted attraction.  The show starts from the time  you enter the property until you exit the gates. Performers were working the  Midway complete with games, apparel, food and photo ops.  The night began with a very tasteful rocking rendition of the National Anthem and one of the best parades of terror in the business. This sets the tone of the night and It doesn’t take long  to realize you are in a haunt like none other.  Once you start your journey through  the woods, there is no turning back.. Be prepared for a solid 45 minute show that keeps your heart rate up.  They do a great job of crowd management  and some how manage to keep the cue lines between scenes flowing and to a minimum. The  make up and costumes are as realistic as you can get and not be something you need to truly run from. I did not see a single actor give up on the scare or break  character all night, That is an amazing feat when you consider the number of  creatures lurking around. Anything and everything you can fear is here. Snakes and spiders, clowns, killers, and killer clowns all reign their fury of terror down  upon you. The sets are very interesting and they really pull you in,  it seems no  detail is left out. One visit and you will be hooked, You will forever remember the Woods of Terror experience and you’ll leave thinking there is no way it can get any  more terrorizing but, there is no doubt some how next year it will be.  When  leaving we noticed some advertisements for some other events on the property so  keep their website checked for more info on that. IF they put the work into those events like they do the haunt, you will not want to miss them either                                  Fear File # 0082017 Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 23/25 23/25 24/25 25/25 95/100 Father Fear & The Scare squad A Swampy Friday the 13th Investigators Date Experience 10-13-17 Even those among us who aren’t superstitious admit odd , sometimes terrifying coincidences occur on friday the 13th, Scream Acres certainly didn’t let the terror touch burn out this time around.  Located in the  scape ore swamp the location of scream acres just screams HAUNTED. Local  folklore of the infamous Lizard man occurred around this same patch of swamp. I’m not sure if the Lee county lizard man exists or not but I will say this. If there  were to be a place for such a creature to emerge, it could be around here.  You  start out in a house that is said to be truly haunted, this left me wondering if all  the screams we heard were from this world or another. Surviving the house sets  you up for their main attraction, the Hayride.  A combination of new scenes as well as a few that are strong enough to be yearly favorites make the experience  something we always look forward to.  At one point the ride comes to a stop and  you’re put off the trailer and into the swamp. yes that swamp! The one with the  lizard man! A brisk walk into the unknown sends your heart racing and your mind  wandering. Again -I’m not sure if there is a lizard man but there was an official  police report.  At some point you may make it to an old mine shaft if your lucky. it looks like its a safe space but looks can be deceiving. If you get through  the dark chambers and out the other side, and IF you were nice to your tractor  operator, you may make it back on a trailer. and the path to sanity. Again, never  assume there isn’t something lurking around ready to make you the next victim and  possibly the  source of the screams the next daring victims will hear! Most of the proceeds from this haunt go to a charitable cause. That is always worth  supporting. This year they are going to help one of the best “Freddys” in the  business with some health issues,. Good entertainment for a good cause is tough to  beat! I hope to see him back out there soon. And I hope you’ll visit to help make  that happen.    Fear File # 0072017 Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 25/25 25/25 25/25 25/25 100/100 Father Fear & The Scare squad If you have never been to snow camp, nc to visit  the           Magic, Mystery, and more Investigators Date Experience 10-19-17 ORIGINAL HOLLYWOOD HORROR SHOW, you have but one question to ask yourself,  WHY NOT? Some in our group had a three hour ride to Alamance county and all agreed it was worth every minute of it! This was our first visit here and also, the first guided haunt experience for myself. The Que line magic show was really great  and kept a crowd of people gathered stage side well entertained throughout the  entire performance. Our guide was great as she walked us through set after set of  endless detail. These sets are almost beyond movie quality, they look that real.  Each one transporting you to another place and time. The creatures and characters  of the haunt were as into the scare as anyplace we have been. In fact, one of the  first actors we encountered got me good, not once, not twice, not even three times.  He got me good four times, that hasn’t happened in the last five years with 60+  haunt visits to consider. Each character gave us that Horror stalker type feeling,  almost as if we were being hunted instead of haunted. The make up at this show is  unreal, I have seen both Dean and Starr’s work on the big screen and have  always been impressed by it, but to see some of their creations in person is amazing.  The Horror museum here is an experience all in it’s self. Props from the films  Forest Gump and Nightmare on elm st as well as many others , may be viewed. You can tell right away a great deal of time, talent and heart are continually pumped  into this experience. They have been inducing scares for 28 years, I’m not sure why  it took that long for me to get as close to a horror movie scene as I will  probably ever get, But I can Guarantee I’ll be back! Visit one of NC’s best and let  the experience speak for it’s self!!!                                   Fear File # 0102017 Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 25/25 25/25 25/25 25/25 100/100 Father Fear & The Scare squad  Boogerwoods could be the most unique haunt we have           caught in a booger trap Investigators Date Experience 10-21-17 ever been through. For 40 years victims have lined up in the early afternoon for a chance to buy tickets for that evening’s show, which is usually sold out by  2 pm! From the queue line to the last interaction with your guide, this is the most interactive haunt we have ever visited. Our night started off with the Boogerwoods maintenance men taking us on a tour of the place. We probably wouldn’t have made it out without Tiny and Junior, most of the time we even felt like we were in safe  hands. although they did cage us once. Each scene gets you involved making you feel like you are not only touring the Boogerwoods and the town therein but you have  actually become one of it’s citizens.  Your mind will spin and your world will be  turned upside down by all the things that go on in these woods. literally?   Figuratively? You can really take it either way you like. Everything done here is  intentional and well timed. You will not bump into another group once the show  begins.  The special effects are great and unlike any others in the Carolina’s.  I’m  not gonna give them away here, you really need to experience them for yourself!  I will say again this haunt is the most interactive haunt in the Carolina’s. While  there is some blood and gore it’s not overdone and for this show it doesn’t have to  be. This is a place parents can take their kids ( above 12 recommended) and everyone  can have a great but completely different experience. the Make up was fitting for  the characters. and the props set the scenes well. If you need to escape the horrors  of the real world in a scary, comedic kinda way,  boogerwoods is your place. The  100 plus volunteer staff works their hearts out to provide an experience like none  other. This is a charity haunt and  All proceeds go to cystic fibrosis charities. For  40 years they have been one of the best, heres to 40 more!                                         Fear File # 0112017