The Fear Files
2018 Haunt Season
Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 25/25 25/25 25/25 25/25 100/100 Father Fear & The Scare squad  2018 was our 6th visit to Spookywoods, it turns out it         Investigators Date Experience 10-6-18 Fear File # 0042018 Spooky Good it was our best!  Everything at spookywoods is impressive. the crowds  are alway massive and the energy is always explosive. This year the  whole cue line and midway experience were greatly enhanced by the  addition of club spooky. This is the only place I have ever waited in a  line that felt more like a party! A great DJ and the video screen made  the time pass quickly. Which was good but then it was time to face the  fear. We are usually arriving at this haunt late in the evening and  wanted to change it up a little. This year we were one of the first 20  or so groups to go though and it was a much more intense experience.  the Woods themselves come alive the darker it gets, and it gets  really dark! It doesn’t take long to realize that there are no safe  angles at Spookywoods and this keeps you on edge the entire time as  you are constantly surveying your surroundings. The sets are highly detailed and the scares are abundant. We timed our walk though this  year and it took our group 48 minutes once we left the cue line to get  back to the sanctuary of the midway. Spookywoods stays on the cutting edge of innovation with features like the Laser corn maze that  could easily be an additional fee attraction but is included in your  ticket price. There are haunted attractions, and then there are scream parks. Our visit in 2018 showed us the difference!  Tip- Arrive early,  especially on hot nights for the best show and less wait time! Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 25/25 25/25 25/25 25/25 100/100 Father Fear & The Scare squad Several years ago we made our first visit to the Woods             Terror-ffic Investigators Date Experience 10-20-18 of terror and left thinking there was no way this haunt could get any better. We  were wrong. From the set layout and execution, to the actors and support staff  Woods of Terror has no weak spots.  The 2018 show provided us a 52 minute tour of terror that lead us up, brought us down and spun us around with a rather shocking finish.  The Midway sets a carnivalistic tone in which you quickly learn there are no safe spaces while you await your fate. 360 degrees of terror surround you as a full blown fear street festival has come alive featuring creatures of the known and unknown. Have a fear? It’s probably here and this is without even  making it inside yet! When it’s time for you to start your terror-ific journey  through the woods your group will be called into the cue line and the tension only  grows as you hear the screams of those who were dying to get in just before you.  While no haunt should be copied and every show unique, Woods of terror is a bar  setting haunt. One of my favorite things about WOT is the attention to detail that  is every where you look. The elaborate facades that seem to rise out of no where  make the already realistic sets even more believable. When you add in characters  that not only look but act like that which they portray, you have the workings of  what could be the best haunt in the country. there is an intensity in the air here  that few can match and none can top until next year, when the bar is set even  higher.                                      Fear File # 0082018 Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 25/25 25/25 25/25 25/25 100/100 Father Fear & The Scare squad The Jones Brothers have an attention to detail like few           Magic, Mystery, and more Investigators Date Experience 10-06-18 others and that is evident by their resume of working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. They bring that same level of detail to  their haunt that is located in Snow Camp NC. The 2018 show was a 20  minute guided tour though scenes that are as movie quality as they get.  So much in fact that more times than not you can not tell the  difference between prop and person until the scare has already taken  place. being a guided haunt helps ensure you won’t run up on another  group and the guides play the part to a tee staying in character the  entire time. Two other things that will really stand out  about the  Original Hollywood Horror show are the Magic show that is  reminiscent of a time gone by but only in the best of ways . As well as,  a Horror museum that is one of the best of its kind anywhere and is  worth a trip in it’s self. The cue line entertainment was some of the  most fun we have had this year. Twisty. so far has been one of my  favorite characters that I have come across this season as he switched  back and forth from charming to scary, always pulling something new  out of this bag of tricks. If High detail is what you are looking for  the Original Hollywood Horror show should be on your short list this  haunt season!                                     Fear File # 0052018 Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 25/25 25/25 25/25 25/25 100/100 Father Fear & The Scare squad  Boogerwoods  has been in business 41 years and one visit           caught in a booger trap Investigators Date Experience 10-20-18 through you will certainly understand why.  They do things a little  different here in the best of ways. this is a fund raiser haunt for cystic  fibrosis and is 100% staffed by volunteers who compete each night for  the most votes for the top scares of the evening. While each scene  could hold it’s own against some of the best across the Carolinas, this  haunt wouldn’t be the same without the expert guides that take you on  your journey through time and terror. The guides’ interaction with their  group is a huge contribution to the experience. They really put you in  the show as each scene is set up with a short back story that make you  feel as if you have left the familiar for a time and place far distant  from what is known. each scene makes you one of the stars of the show as you may have to Duck, dive, dance, or slide your way out of the many  situations you encounter. Every year big changes are made to  boogerwoods and that is why most nights tickets are sold out before  darkness falls. They use plenty of new technology, but it is the simple scares that make this haunt great for all ages. Boogerwoods has a  few surprises that are unique only to their show and a night to be  remembered is guaranteed. Once you have experienced these woods, you’ll be back, just as the thousands of others who make this a yearly  tradition!                                     Fear File # 0092018 Fear File # 0012018 Father Fear & The Scare squad Hillside Horror is an old school haunt at it’s finest!   Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 25/25 24/25 24/25 25/25 98/100 The Hills are alive……. Investigators Date Experience 09-28-18 We make the almost 250 mile trek up the Hillside each year to see what is new at a haunt that is as unique as it’s surroundings are! 2018 certainly did not  disappoint! You will “fear the difference” as soon as you turn off of Red top rd and into the  parking area. We got there really early and the lot was , well dead! Views of the surrounding mountains turn dark as the sun fades away and the creatures of the  night begin to appear. The hayride takes you away down a back road to the unknown, into the heart of the hillside with Monsters awaiting you. interaction begins before  you even get to the ticket booth.  This haunt is best known for it’s corn maze which  is still really good. but, 2018 brings an expanded show to the hillside horror and  scenes that you used to only pass by, you now walk through.  The Gatekeeper does a  great job of setting the tone for the experience. he gives a sense of someone you  want to trust but maybe you probably shouldn’t.  Hillside now features several  rooms that you have to find your way out of. You can’t help but feel a little panicked once you see whats in the room you’re “trapped” in with! This haunt is called hillside for a reason and good shoes are recommended. All the actors stay in character well. The pack of werewolves were convincing enough that I wasn’t sure how many there  were, but it felt as if our group of six was out numbered as they stalked us! The  Corn maze here is a little more intimidating than others not only because it  reaches heights of over 14ft tall, but it is cut a little closer than most, putting you  in the corn not just on a path through it. While it is quite the workout to make it  though, every step is worth it! Our group ranged in age from 11-50 and a great time  was had by all! The Hollywood feel is awesome and it has it’s place. but if you want  a “real feel” haunt visit Hillside Horror. Their last scene is as real as it gets! If  you’re not from the immediate area, get a group of your closest people together go  early and make a day of it. Our stops included a visit to a park at Kerr Scott lake  with a great dinner at a great price at Pa-paws BBQ in North Wilkesboro capped off by an unforgettable evening at Hillside!
We are not, never have been, never desire to be professional haunt reviewers. We are a haunt promotion site, Our opinions are just that, our opinions. We want you to visit all these great haunts and let your voice be heard in the Victims Choice poll, Your voice matters much more than ours!  But, Since we have been asked a lot for our opinion on the haunts we visit we have the Fear Files.  While you will share a very similar experience, your show will vary some from ours. Keep in mind this is live interaction theater and no two runs are exactly the same. That’s one of the many reasons the haunt industry is so great! Each haunt listed on our site has something that makes it one of the best in the business, all are worth your consideration this season!  
Fear File # 0022018 09-28-18 Father Fear & The Scare squad  Lake Hickory Haunts won the 2017 Victims Choice Award for best haunt in the Carolina’s. By the looks of what they have accomplished in the  off season I don’t think they have taken any time off to rest or celebrate. The view  from the observation area gives a birds eye glimpse of the horrors below, giving a   perspective unlike any other haunt we visit. Creatures Lurk around the Midway that features a concession stand, escape room,games, and several cool photo ops. New  this year to Lake Hickory is decent, a completely underground attraction that  compliments the Nightmare factory as well as the other six or seven scenes really  well . the costumes are on the same level as the sets at this haunt, Both very well done! The energy was still strong late into the evening. The experience at lake  hickory is always great in part due to great customer service. This is always on the  minds of the staff and it shows. This year we even witnessed them keep the haunt  open for two fans who came up just after closing time. Lake Hickory Haunts set a  high standard for it’s self several years ago and the bar is not only met but raised  each season. Lake Hickory is still relatively new in the grand scheme of things at  only 7 years old but you would never know it. This is a great haunt with a super  bright future, A trip to LHH should be on every haunt fans list this season!!                 Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 25/25 25/25 25/25 25/25 100/100 A Banner evening Investigators Date Experience Fear File # 0032018 Father Fear & The Scare squad  Every visit we have ever had to the 13th acre has been Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 23/25 24/25 23/25 25/25 95/100 Fear Extended Investigators Date Experience a good time. The actors have always been dedicated to their art and they have played their characters well. The sets have always been good with lots of detail but the  last few years, it kind of felt like the trail length its self, while certainly worthy  of the ticket price was shorter than it could have been. This year something big has changed in that back acre of horror.  The trail it’s self seems to have doubled if not tripled in size. Several new scenes with higher quality props have been added. The  “swamp” room is certainly something you have to experience for yourself! The whole experience at the 13th Acre has been upgraded and at only $13 for regular  admission on a nightly basis this haunt is a tremendous value. For only $7 more you can upgrade to their Awshucks Combo pass and enjoy the rest of the evening with a campfire, petting zoo, grain bin slide, concessions, and more! The un haunted corn maze included in the upgrade takes on a life of its own in the dark, this can be some of the most fun you have all year in it’s self as you try to find your way out, and it  is spooky!  This is with out a doubt one of the best haunts in the Carolinas to take  the whole family to. Old and young alike will enjoy an evening at the 13th acre full  of fun and fear that everyone can take a part in and will remember the rest of the  year!                       10-05-18 Fear File # 0072018 Father Fear & The Scare squad Fear Farm has been highly rated on the haunt scene  Scare Squad Scores Actors Makeup Props/Sets Atmosphere Overall 25/25 24/25 24/25 25/25 98/100 Sounds of screams Investigators Date Experience 10-13-18 in the Carolinas for some time now, and on our first visit  through we now know why! As you make your way past the  abandoned barn a realistic looking town comes alive right before your eyes. Screams from beyond the walls give warning to the frights they contain. There aren’t many haunts that  give me a truly good startle scare within the first 50 feet,  Fear Farm almost put me on my back! It took us about 40   minutes to make it completely  through the twists and turns  of the mazes. The cue lines between some of the attractions  are nice for those who need a breather between screams. The Clowns at fear farm were some of the most interactive characters we have encountered this season, providing plenty of  fear and fun. The Fear Farm does a good job of taking the  intensity up and bringing it back down just enough for you to  let your guard down, leaving you not knowing what to expect  next. Fair warning, if you aren’t afraid of what lurks in the  dark before your visit, you may be after you leave!