Getting to know your Fears 2017 Feature Creatures 2017  Feature Creature 001 Born Horribly disfigured to a couple of young traveling circus performers.   Mr Big Top loves to entertain. But,  beware to those who don’t find favor with his tricks and dancing as this is  when his temper flares!  Be sure to catch his act on the midway at Spookywoods this fall! 2017  Feature Creature 003 Boss The Clown Boss has led quiet a life. An 8 year  stint in prison was brought on due to anger issues stemming from a very  traumatic childhood. Through in  steroid use & the combination turns volatile. Hundreds of gallons of blood has been spilled at the hands  of Boss. Hopefully, yours doesn’t end  up adding to the total! 2017  Feature Creature 002 Samurai Warrior A Samurai warrior becomes one with their suit. It becomes an extension  of the body. Not all warriors are good and it is said those who do dishonor  in the suits will be forever tormented therein.  While we aren’t sure what  the previous owner did within the suit  it is a perfect case study. It is obvious  their soul wasn’t taken at the same time their body was. 2017  Feature Creature 004
    Lilith  Kronin
Born into privilege, it didn’t take those around Lilith long to notice things were a little off. She was found with a smoldering pile of the neighbors pets which led the family to having to place her in an asylum. Her obsession with fire led to an explosion at the asylum that left her horribly disfigured. Lilith has been under the care of Dr Death at Lake Hickory Haunts ever since