Free Fear For All 
4. One entry per person per day.
2. Must tag Fear Carolina, Use the phrase Free Fear for All  and tag the Picture location (ie concert, theater, restaurant ect).  Pictures can be taken in any public place to qualify, so get out there and spread some haunt love!
1. Shirts / Gear in the photo being entered must have the Logo of either Fear Carolina, any featured haunt or event listed on our home page, or any of the many Friends of Fear listed under a tab of the same name on our site.  
3. Must “Like” our page on Facebook   
5. Haunt Passes will not be mailed before September 2018 Other event passes to be mailed shortly before the event. Fear Carolina reserves the right to substitute passes for Fear Carolina merchandise or that of one of our sponsors at any time, at our discretion.
6. Passes won from Fear Carolina have NO Resale value and cannot be resold under any circumstances!!
7. One winner every 30 days 
8. Once prizes have been shipped, we are no longer responsible for them
We all love fear and most of us keep it near all year! It is in this spirit that we have decided to change the way we do our contests, at least for the foreseeable future. We love to see you guys getting the word out about haunts and horror related events year round. One of the best ways of doing so is by wearing apparel thats got the logo of your favorite haunt or horror event. Starting in March 2018 we are going to be rewarding those who are true haunt and horror fans and that show it year round!  Wear your haunt gear and take a picture of it wherever you go, post it to Facebook tagging Fear Carolina with the phrase Free Fear For All, and the location while following the official contest rules on our site. If you’re lucky we may end up sending you to a haunt or event yet to be determined. 
Official Rules
9. Pictures can be used for entry one time only..