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VISIT Lake Hickory    Haunts    VISIT Lake Hickory    Haunts
Lake Hickory Haunts is Awesome! With the best staff, monsters, scenes, sets, indoor and outdoor attractions and a moving Haunted Boat Adventure,it’s definitely #1 ! It is the premiere event of NC and SC, and is a Must See!  Ryan
Tickets $25 $50  General Admission        Fast Pass  VIP  Pass $35
I’ve personally never been more scared at a haunted attraction than when I go to Lake Hickory Haunts. I’ve been each night they have been open, and I still get scared. The actors really know how to change it up for each group that goes through, which is commendable! I totally give Lake Hickory Haunts a 5/5 star rating!                  10/4/15   Amber H.
The name Lake Hickory Haunts has always conjured images of a classic horror scene to me. We made the trip to the NC foothills to visit the lake on opening weekend in a torrential downpour. The Creatures of the carnival and the monsters of the lake though were not afraid of a little water,in fact they seemed to feed on the natural fog and gloom of the mist as the rain subsided. As we made our way around and even through the lake scares were around every corner, every scene well planned and well executed. With one of the best clown/carnival scenes in North Carolina, my personal favorite horror icon scene(Freddy)and a Doctor who “treats” all patients with loving care as his assistant screams in joy of seeing the horrors of procedures preformed. It is easy to see Why lake Hickory Haunts was the 2014 Victims Choice Award Winner!                         Father Fear   
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Parking $2 CASH ONLY!