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Back to Home Page VISIT SpookyWoods VISIT Spookywoods VISIT SpookyWoods    VISIT Spookywoods Kersey Valley Spookywoods 1615 Kersey Valley Rd. Archdale, NC 27263 855-485-7766
Parking $5 Tickets $25 $45  General Admission   Shortest Line     Fast Pass
Located just off I-85, Spookywoods is one of the haunts that have made the Greensboro area the Mecca of haunt in North Carolina.  Whatever was  awakened during a dare among friends on a fall camping trip in 1985 has been terrorizing the public ever since. Inside the haunt not even the plants can be trusted. Many enter but no one comes out the same. Arrive in a group and look out for each other. Hopefully at the end of the night you will all make it out alive!  
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