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5601 North Church St Greensboro, NC
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September Sun -Thurs  7-9:30pm    Fri-Sat   7pm-11pm
  My group and I visited Woods of Terror for the First time in 2014, it will not be our last visit to the WOODS! We drove two hours and to be honest I was ready and tempted to make the trip back the next night. There was so much packed into the attraction there is no way to get the complete experience one time though, it is sensory overload at its finest! I consider myself a haunt enthusiast but I have to say on all levels W.O.T. had every aspect and more of what a great haunt should have and everyone in our group felt the same way!                                  Rodney C.
There are some truly great haunts all across the Carolinas. Greensboro though, seems to be the Mecca of haunt for North Carolina! If your thing is extreme,in your face horror at its finest you have found your utopia at Woods of Terror. Although, there won’t be much relaxation and maybe you’ll rest but only in pieces on a butcher block. Woods of Terror starts the night with one of the best parade entrances in the industry, to miss it is to truly miss part of the show! The National Anthem plays and from there, the victim stalking begins! You now have the option of checking out a a very cool midway, as you hope the monsters get full on the first victims of the evening (to no such luck). Or braving your fate and joining the line to enter the uncertainty that awaits. If I went into detail with everything experienced this review could almost be a book, so I will say professional makeup, sets,props and planning make the Woods of Terror a place that one really needs to have around the top of the visit list. Considering the ever changing layout and theme resets, Once you visit, If you make it out alive, you’ll want to chance fate once more. Every year around late September/Early October there is a hunger that comes over one that has visited the Woods of Terror. This hunger will only be satisfied when they revisit the Horror that awaits once again seeking whom they may devour in the Woods. I’ve been bitten, their legend must have some weight to it. I Can’t wait to return next year!                                 Father Fear   
Admission Parking  Fast Pass $20-$35 $30-$45 $50 October Sun -Thurs  7-9:30pm    Fri-Sat   7pm-11pm
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**Parking is Cash only** $5 All Access